Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Glenn Campbell's Tweet Essays on @DemographicDoom — A Master List (actively updated)

Below is a master index of all my known Tweet Essays on @DemographicDoom and @BadDalaiLama, starting in December 2021 and going back as far as I can. Each link below leads to the top-node tweet of the series. If the link is broken, please let me know and search for the given hashtag instead. A ✔️ means the top node has been retweeted on @DoomLite™. See the bottom of this post for more notes. ↓

A Tweet Essay is never "finished". I may resume a thread if you comment on it and give me something new to work with.

πŸ† Most Important πŸ†

πŸ“Reproduced in Blog

πŸ’° Economics

πŸ“ˆπŸ“‰ Demographics

πŸ€” Applied Philosophy

πŸ—³️ Politics

🎭 Arts/Popular Culture

πŸ›« Travel/Advice

πŸ‘Ά Family/Babies

Recurring Features

Below are linked by keywords and are not in the same thread.

⚖️πŸ—£️πŸŽ™ Responding to RSP

Some essays below may be duplicated above with different #de_ codes.
The above list is partially indexed on Twitter, via #dL_essays

Notes On My Tweet Essays

  1. Sometimes I know when I'm going to start an essay. Other times, they just evolve organically and I go with it. If I know I'm creating an essay, I start off with the proper header. If it evolved organically, I add the header later by quote-tweeting the top of the thread.

  2. All Tweet Essays are tagged with #dd_TweetEssay on the top node only (only once for each essay). The top node also contains a unique hashtag starting with #de_ (for "doom essay").

  3. If #dd_TweetEssay and the #de_ tag don't appear in the tweeted link above, they appear in a quote-tweet for that tweet.

  4. The only firm rule of Tweet Essays is that I can't "break the chain". Once a tweet is added and another is added after it, I can't delete the first tweet. I have to live with it forever. (However, if a tweet is the last post on the thread, I can delete and repost it as many times as I want.) The fact the each tweet in the chain is permanent and unchangeable has a profound effect on how I write.

  5. I may add more posts to a Tweet Essay whenever I am inspired to do so—even years later—so no essay is ever "finished".

  6. A Tweet Essay is usually hierarchical, starting with the most important information first and drilling down to the details.

  7. My first use of the #dd_TweetEssay hashtag was 4 July 2020, but I didn't start using it comprehensively until 2021. Old tweet threads will be repackaged as Tweet Essays and retweeted to @DoomLite as I rediscover them.

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