Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Glenn Campbell's Tweet Essays on @DemographicDoom — A Master List (actively updated)

Below is a master index of all my known Tweet Essays on @DemographicDoom and @BadDalaiLama, starting in December 2021 and going back as far as I can. Each link below leads to the top-node tweet of the series. If the link is broken, please let me know and search for the given hashtag instead. 

This is the definitive list of Tweet Essays but most of them are also listed on the Master List of Demographic Doom Resources

Notes: A ✔️ means the top node has been retweeted on @DoomLite™. A ✓ means this item has been added to the Master List. The date 2012-01-20 specifies the date the thread was started, but it could still be active. The hashtag (e.g. #de_ponzi) allows you to find the starting tweet without its address. A Tweet Essay is never "finished", only abandoned. I may resume a thread if you comment on it and give me something new to respond to. See the bottom of this post for more notes. ↓

πŸ† Most Important πŸ†

πŸ“Reproduced in Blog

πŸ’° Economics

πŸ“ˆπŸ“‰ Demographics

πŸ€” Applied Philosophy/Psychology

πŸ—³️ Politics & Society

🎭 Arts/Popular Culture

πŸ›« Travel/Advice

πŸ‘Ά Family/Babies

πŸ¦• Prehistoric Tweet Series

Tweet series prior to 2020, where tweets aren't linked together.

Recurring Features

Below are linked by keywords and are not in the same thread.

Other Topic Searches

⚖️πŸ—£️πŸŽ™ Responding to RSP

Some essays below may be duplicated above with different #de_ codes.
The above list is the most comprehensive available. #dd_TweetEssay covers many but not all of them. #dL_essays is no longer maintained.

Notes On My Tweet Essays

  1. Sometimes I know when I'm going to start an essay. Other times, they just evolve organically and I go with it. If I know I'm creating an essay, I start off with the proper header. If it evolved organically, I add the header later by quote-tweeting the top of the thread.

  2. All Tweet Essays are tagged with #dd_TweetEssay on the top node only (only once for each essay). The top node also contains a unique hashtag starting with #de_ (for "doom essay").

  3. If #dd_TweetEssay and the #de_ tag don't appear in the tweeted link above, they appear in a quote-tweet for that tweet.

  4. The only firm rule of Tweet Essays is that I can't "break the chain". Once a tweet is added and another is added after it, I can't delete the first tweet. I have to live with it forever. (However, if a tweet is the last post on the thread, I can delete and repost it as many times as I want.) The fact the each tweet in the chain is permanent and unchangeable has a profound effect on how I write.

  5. I may add more posts to a Tweet Essay whenever I am inspired to do so—even years later—so no essay is ever "finished".

  6. A Tweet Essay is usually hierarchical, starting with the most important information first and drilling down to the details.

  7. My first use of the #dd_TweetEssay hashtag was 4 July 2020, but I didn't start using it comprehensively until 2021. Old tweet threads will be repackaged as Tweet Essays and retweeted to @DoomLite as I rediscover them.

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