Sunday, April 19, 2020

Running List of Failed Businesses in 2020 Crash

Last Updated: 9 May 2020

This project has been aborted. I just can't keep up. (12 Nov 2020)

This post, updated often, contains a list of business and institutional casualties of the 2020 financial crash. These are businesses that have gone into bankruptcy or otherwise announced their closure. (Some may later emerge from bankruptcy in reduced form.) The date shown is the date their doom was announced with a news article (linked to the business name). List is in sequential order, beginning with the coronavirus lockdowns in early March 2020. (Earlier closures in 2020 aren't counted.) To qualify for this list, company must be a well-known brand (or an unknown brand I recorded on Instagram) and their demise hastened by the coronavirus shutdowns. Let me know of any I am missing.
  1. Logan's Roadhouse (Mar 4)
  2. Neiman Marcus (April 19)
  3. White's Shoes, Emporia, Virginia (April 19)
  4. J. Crew
  5. Gold's Gym (May 5, bankrupt but gyms will stay open)
  6. Sweet Tomatoes/Souplantation (May 8, fully shut down)

Death Watch

  • Sears/Kmart
  • Tesla (my prediction)
  • LIDL USA (my prediction)
  • Macy's (April 19)
  • JC Penny (April 19)
  • Nordstrom (April 19)
  • Virgin Australia (April 20)
  • Lord & Taylor (April 21)
  • All cruise lines
  • All buffet restaurants
  • Most health clubs
  • Many resorts
  • Many low-price airlines
  • Convention facilities and services
Come back later for my additions.