Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photos Are No Longer Posted Here

My new photo albums will no longer be posted to this blog, since they are adequately published on other blogs.

The definitive list of all my photo albums is found at This archive may be delayed, however, and it may take weeks or months before new albums appear there. (Albums are added here only when they are complete.)

My latest photos will always be posted to my Facebook page first. (You must "friend" me to see this page.) When an album is first begun it will also be posted to my abbreviated Facebook Fan page. (Any Facebook member can view it or become a fan.)

My Facebook page is mirrored on my public Archive of my Facebook Wall, which may be delayed by a few days after posting to the Facebook page.

Given all these sources for the photos, also adding them to Kilroy Cafe seemed unnecessary. Kilroy Cafe is now mainly for my philosophical and creative writings. (Traditionally, new ideas start on Kilroy Cafe then are moved to other blogs or websites as they mature.)