Sunday, December 7, 2008

My First Song! -- "Galaxy Queen"

After a week of work (across 7 states), I have just finished my first complete 3-minute song. I have no significant training in music, don't play an instrument and can't sing, yet I still believe can write a decent song. Skeptical? Just give a listen.

You might want to listen to the tune first (synthetic piano). Then, if you find it compelling, you can listen to me singing the song (video 1/2011). Here is the sheet music (2-page pdf) and below are the lyrics. (Midi file available upon request.) Both the tune and lyrics are my original work.

As the songwriter, it is my responsibility to provide a simple tune and lyrics. (Since I have no formal musical skills, I can't go any further.) It is someone else's role to provide the arrangement, the voice and the instrumentals. I may fine-tune the words, but to me the song is done, and I am ready to move on to the next project.

Below are the lyrics. What do they mean? You decide.

Galaxy Queen
You sent a garrison of soldiers
Flying up to Neptune's borders;
They were following your orders all along.
It was all a great charade
To fix the fallacy you made
When you decided to remain upon the throne.

Your rocket ships, your laser blasts,
Your luscious lips say nothing lasts forever.
You offer war; I pray for peace.
The closing door prevents release to Heaven.
Hostage seven.

In the galaxy, there's no more understanding.
All diplomacy has perished by the gun.
And it's plain to see that the sun is no more shining
On the tragedy of the god that you've become.

Turned upside down and wrong side right
I thought I'd found my satellite in you.
You eased my doubt, released my fear
'Til you blew out the atmosphere we live in.
You're so driven.

In the galaxy, there's no more comprehending.
All democracy has vanished on the run.
And my eyes can see that the moon is no more smiling
On the travesty of the bitch that you've become.

Running rings round Jupiter feeling sorry for myself,
Knowing that your spies are everywhere,
Knowing at the root of it are the demons in yourself,
Knowing you could face them if you dare.

You want it all, you get the curse
As queen of all the universe forever.
But I knew you and you knew me
When we went through academy together.
Lost endeavor.

In the galaxy, there's no chance left to flower.
All diversity has fled what you've begun.
And the stars can see that the risk of too much power
Is insanity in the child you've become.

Turned upside down and wrong side right
I though I'd found my satellite in you...
Nothing's true.

(c) 2008, Glenn Campbell. Photo source.
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