Friday, September 12, 2008

Screen Story #18: "X-Ray Vision"

In this screenplay (conceived yesterday and completed today), a teenager with less-than-pure motivations orders a pair of x-ray glasses -- and they work! However, an unexpected intruder interferes in his plans.

X-Ray Vision (pdf, 10 pages)
SVENGALI’S AMAZING X-RAY GLASSES! Due to a remarkable scientific breakthrough, these amazing “sunglasses” allow you to see through wood, paper, foliage, window drapes and cloth -- or so the ad claims. Their main purpose, however, is made clear in the not-so-subtle illustration, where a man wearing the glasses is shown ogling a shapely young woman. “SEE THROUGH CLOTHING!” the ad asserts.
Posted from Las Vegas. Also see my other screen stories at Love, Strangely.

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  1. Story Origin: On Thursday morning, I lay in bed for two hours, determined to come up with a story (having no idea what I would write about before that). The central irony came to me first: I saw a boy ordering X-ray glasses and maybe an ultra-sensitive hearing device but being so disturbed by what he finds out in his home and neighborhood that he ends up throwing them both away. I was only lukewarm about this idea, because I didn't know exactly what he would find out. Later in the day, on a five-hour flight from Boston to Las Vegas, I hit on the idea of Mary Jane. She plays the role of the mysterious force that intrudes on the simple motivations of the protagonist. The elegance of the story is that the boy is outdone at his own game. (9/12)