Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Screen Story #17: "Dream Home"

In this screenplay (with some dialog missing), a man in the Pacific Northwest builds a dream home, with the help of a woodland creature.

Dream Home (pdf, 10 pages)
In the lush green rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, a wedding is taking place. The setting is almost primordial, with huge, towering trees overhead, green undergrowth below and a small waterfall in the background. The theme of the wedding is "The Faery Kingdom." The faint sound of flute music drifts in the air, perfectly matching the setting. The bridesmaids and attendants are dressed as fairies and sprites, while the bride and groom, MARION and ROBERT, are playing the role of their princess and prince. ROBERT is middle-aged but MARION is much younger, looking like a woodland nymph. They are both wearing flowing white garments and flowers in their hair. Their feet are bare. Before a fairy king, they take their wedding vows. When it is done, all the fairies sing.

Posted from Bedford, Massachusetts. Also see my other screen stories at Love, Strangely.
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