Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Glenn's Newsletter Career

Before I started this blog, I was the insanely productive author of an endless series of newsletters. The quality was fantastic (if I do say), but I never made any money from them. Here are the major ones:

  1. Kilroy Cafe -- My current essay space, combining the best aspects of the Family Court newsletter and Philosophy Notes. This is the only newsletter that's still active (apart from this blog). (Currently 17 issues.)
  2. The Family Court Chronicles Newsletter -- My report on issues at Family Court in Las Vegas (2005-2008), now suspended. Never really took off. Great quality, no readers. (46 issues)
  3. Philosophy Notes -- My series of philosophy essays, each written in a day or less. I regarded it mainly as a practice area. There are some gems here that I'm still proud of. No readers to speak of. (110 issues)
  4. The Groom Lake Desert Rat -- written at the dawn of the internet era (1993-1997). Once had a huge following via email. It was a uniting factor in the Area 51 movement. (38 issues)
  5. Ufomind Mailing List -- One of the Area 51-related mailing lists I moderated in the 1990s (1997-1999), including some newsletter-like postings. This filled in the gap after the Desert Rat stopped.

Along the way, there were all sorts of mailing lists and short-lived newsletters, many of them now lost to history. The printed satirical newsletter is the sort of thing I've been doing since I was a teen, back when I was working with a typewriter.