Saturday, July 26, 2008

Baby's First Screenplays

Inspired by a filmmaker friend, I have written three short screenplays, just as an exercise. They're my first screenplays ever! (So there are bound to be some rough spots.)
  1. Gunderson Road. A vulture in the Mojave Desert encounters a curious sight. (My friend points out that I have given far too much camera direction.) There is a bit of an Area 51 connection to this one. The protagonist of the film is shown above. (6/25/08)
  2. Soul Ascension. Two missionaries prowl a suburban neighborhood for converts, only to become prey themselves. My favorite of the three! (6/29/08)
  3. Natasha. This is the first few minutes of a hypothetical full-length movie about a Soviet superheroine. (7/5/08)
Not bad for a beginner! I read a book on screenwriting once but never actually wrote a screenplay before. For the format, I just copied my friend's screenplays.

NOTE: For later screenplays, see here.